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Control Method: V/f, Slip compensation, Sensorless vector 1)

Frequency Setting Resolution Digital command: 0.01Hz / Analog command: 0.06Hz (maximum frequency: 60Hz)

Frequency Accuracy 1% of the maximum output frequency

V/F Pattern Linear, Squared, User V/F

Overload Capacity HD: 150% 1 minute, ND: 120% 1 minute

Torque Boost Manual/Automatic torque boost


Operation Mode Keypad / Terminal / Communication option selectable

Frequency Setting Analog : -10~10[V], 0~10[V], 4~20[mA] / Digital : Keypad, Pulse train input

Operation Function

PID control, 3-wire operation, Frequency limit, Second function, Anti-forward and reverse direction rotation,

Commercial transition, Speed search, Power braking, Leakage reduction, Up-down operation, DC braking,

Frequency jump, Slip compensation, Automatic restart, Automatic tuning, Energy buffering, Flux braking, Fire Mode


Multi-function Terminal

Standard I/O (5 points)

Multiple I/O (7 points)

NPN (Sink) / PNP (Source) Selectable

Function: Forward run, Reverse run, Reset, External trip, Emergency stop, Jog operation, Multi-step frequencyhigh,

middle, low, Multi-step acceleration/ deceleration-high, middle, low, DC braking at stop, 2nd motor select,

Frequency up/down, 3-wire operation, Change into normal operation during PID operation, Change into main body

operation during option operation, Analog command frequency fixing, Acceleration/deceleration stop etc. Selectable

Analog Input V1: -10~10V, selectable V2: 0~10V/I2 4~20mA

Pulse Train 0Hz~32kHz, Low level: 0~0.8V, High level: 3.5~12V


Open Collector Terminal

Fault output and drive operation status output

less than DC 24V 50mA

Multi-function Relay (N.O., N.C.) less than AC 250V 1A, less than DC 30V 1A

Analog Output Selectable A0; V: 0~10V/0~20mA; Frequency, Output current, Output voltage, DC stage voltage etc. selectable

Pulse Train Maximum 32kHz, 10~12 [V]


Biến tần LSLV-S100

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  • Biến tần LSLV0004S100
    4,900,000 VNĐ

    Mã sản phẩm: LSLV0004S100

    LSLV S100 (Protection degree IP20) INV,LSLV0004S100-1EONNS(EXPORT) Vui lòng liên hệ BITEK để nhận báo giá tốt nhất cho sản phẩm Biến tần LSLV0004S100 Hotline tư vấn hỗ trợ: 0938992337

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